An interactive program of self-understanding, Transforming Anger can make a positive difference in the way a young person is able to interact in his or her relationships, as well as in how a young person feels about him/herself.
Family Violence Prevention Programs
for Older Children and Adolescents
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"They provide so many programs for children, and even for families. My son has learned so much and so have his parents."

The prevention education groups use the following curricula:

Violence prevention education programs are funded through private donations and are available at Safe Places and at several locations. Schools or other groups interested in scheduling one or more of the following programs may contact Safe Places at 501.590-2466.

Respect is a smart, savvy book helps teen girls get respect and hold on to it — at home, at school, with their friends, and in the world.  Activities, writing exercises, safety tips, and empowering quotes from teens keep participants  involved through a “big sister” style that inspires trust.  Girls learn that every
The Expect Respect Program engages youth and adults in building healthy teen relationships and preventing dating and sexual violence through school-based
support groups and counseling, youth leadership activities, and educational programs in schools and community settings.

School-Based Support Groups
The Expect Respect school-based support group and counseling initiative  serves youth who have experienced violence or abuse and are at increase risk for victimization and perpetration in their relationships. 

Youth Leadership Development
Expect Respect Leadership activities empower youth to become role models and peer educators.
A large part of the Tough Guise curriculum features  a film that speaks to students on a personal level and challenges them to critically analyze traditional notions of masculinity.  The strength and impact of this film is evident in the overwhelmingly positive response from students, particularly male students, who are hungry for alternative definitions of masculinity that do not encourage violent interaction with others.
Safe Dates is an evidence-based curriculum that helps prevent dating violence.  Highly engaging and interactive, Safe Dates helps teens recognize the difference between caring, supportive relationships and controlling, manipulative, or abusive dating relationships.  Designated as a model program by the
Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, Safe Dates was selected for the National Registry of Evidence-based Programs and Practices (NREPP) in 2006, and received high ratings on all criteria.
Transforming Anger is designed to help older children and young people explore their emotions in constructive and positive ways. If, for instance, a young person is feeling angry, Transforming Anger can help him or her find out what might be underneath those angry feelings, exposing other emotions that can be more difficuot to identify . . . sadness, fear, betrayal, abandonment
Tough Guise provides  one of those interactive and powerful group experiences that participants will keep with them long after the group is over.
girl deserves respect, and that respect is always within reach because it starts on the inside.
The Chances & Changes Violence Prevention Education Program is designed for older children and adolescents. The program features prevention education groups that can be scheduled for 8 to 12 consecutive weeks, either in schools, after school programs, in detention facilities, or on-site at Safe Places.
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