If This Is Not a Place features dozens of educational exercises, posters, and other informative handout materials, and is spiral bound for ease of photocopying. Please see the Manual's Table of Contents below.
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Healing and Hope: Beginning Again After Sexual Violence
Home Should Be a Safe Place
VINE: Victim Information and Notification Everyday
Poetry - Expressions of Healing and Hope: The Voices of Transformation
Curriculum Contents
Part One: Introduction
The Unheard Voices: Will People of Faith Hear?
The Silent Sufferers: Victims of Family Violence
Family Violence: The Wounds of Suffering, Silence and Secrecy

Part Two: Foundational Education

Part Three: Educational Sessions
Session 1 Introduction to Relationship Violence
Session 2 A Continuum of Violence
Session 3 Domestic Violence: “It doesn’t happen here?”
Session 4 Domestic Violence: “Can they Hear me?”
Session 5 Family Violence: What Children See and Feel
Session 6 The Child of Family Violence: “I’m scared of home.”
Session 7 The Captivity of Child Sexual Abuse
Session 8 The Devastation of Sexual Assault
Session 9 Homicide’s Horror: Impact on Grieving Families
Session 10       Honor Thy Children: The Universal Commandment
Session 11      Teen Dating Violence: “Why can’t I just break up with him?”

Part Four: Worship Resources
A Litany for Healing
A Responsive Prayer for Abused Women
A Prayer for Brokenness
A Prayer for Families
A Prayer for Healing and Hope
A Blessing and Sending Forth
A Prayer for Nonviolence
A Prayer to End Violence
A Prayer for the Broken in Spirit
A Psalm for Waiting with Hope
A Jewish Prayer
Three Short Homilies
A Prayer in Time of Isolation
A Prayer for Strength

Part Five: Educational Handouts
Child Abuse: What You Need to Know
After Violence: Children and Grief
Violence and Children: Grieving the Loss of Innocence
Child Sexual Abuse: A Crime Against Humanity
Child Sexual Abuse: Facts to Consider
When a Child Discloses Abuse
Dating Violence: What is it?
The Trauma of Rape: A Crisis of Life and Faith
Religious Aspects of Sexual Violence
Spiritual Care for Victims
Homicide’s Horror: Impact on Families

Part Six: Resources for Clergy
Domestic Violence: Effects on Children
Helping Child Victims: Spiritual Care
Protecting Children: A Jewish Perspective
Muslim Community Peaceful Families Project
Responding to Domestic Violence: Guidelines for Clergy
Mandatory Reporting for Clergy and Faith Communities
Offering Spiritual Care: When a Woman Comes for Help
Guidance and Discipline: Treating Children with Gentleness
Couples Counseling? Not When There’s Violence
Safety Review: The Faith Community as Protector

Part Seven: Violence Prevention Education Resources
Honor They Children: Preventing Child Abuse
What Is Child Abuse Prevention?
National Day of Hope: Ending the Abuse of Children
Violence Prevention Education: In the Faith Community?
Prevention Resources for Teens / Links
Youth Violence Prevention: Helpful Links
How can I tell . . .
Expect Respect
Guide to Legal Child Discipline in Arkansas
Interfaith Alliance Against Violence

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