Safe Families:

A Continuum of Family Violence Prevention, Intervention and Long-Term Support
Each week as our staff and volunteers facilitate multiple support and prevention groups in various settings throughout Pulaski County, we hear stories of violence that cry out for a continuum of intervention and prevention services.

A husband batters a wife; a father or mother abuses a child, siblings pound on one another; a young girl is physically or emotionally abused by a dating partner; a grandparent is punched by a grandchild.

No two stories are the same, and all of them are frightening indicators of escalating violence in homes, violence that almost always spills over into schools and communities.

Our family violence prevention work does  not focus only on battered women or on child witnesses of domestic violence. The focus, rather, is on children and parents struggling to change the violent hopelessness of their family bonds and find more security, nurture, and love within themselves and in each other.

In our current programs, we have identified 1,046 children who have been affected by family violence, many in very serious ways.  The key for those children is early intervention based on the public health model of prevention, which includes a continuum of services beginning with:

And then continuing on to include the following basic services:

The program model below begins at the bottom with broad-based prevention education and then builds up from that foundation to include intervention and advocacy, assessment, trauma counseling for violence-specific trauma and, finally, continuing support.

"What a difference you have made in my family!"
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