Arkansas VINE Program
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The Arkansas Crime Victim Information and Notification System allows anyone to check the location and status of offenders is provided by ACIC. The program is often referred to as the VINE system. VINE is an acronym for "Victim Information and Notification Everyday."

First in the Nation
Arkansas was the first state in the nation to implement an automated notification system that includes all county jails, all prosecuting attorneys and the state prison system.

How the Arkansas VINE System Works
The Arkansas VINE system consists of a network of computers placed in each county jail, prosecuting attorney's office, the Department of Correction, the Attorney General's Office, and the Department of Community Correction. The system captures information on an offender's custody status. The system also provides court event information on criminal cases handled by Prosecuting Attorneys.

Victims may register with the VINE system by using a touch-tone telephone. Once registered, a victim will be notified of custody and/or court status changes of an offender. Victims may also use the VINE system to check on the status of an offender 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Individuals can register with the VINE system by using a touch-tone telephone and calling 1-800-510-0415 or by contacting the Arkansas Crime Information Center at (501) 682-2222..

General Features
Use of the Arkansas VINE System is free to crime victims. The Arkansas VINE System will call you automatically if an inmate is released, is transferred, escapes or dies.  All telephone registrations through the Arkansas VINE System are anonymous. You will have a special PIN (Personal Identification Number) to access the system.
You may register more than one telephone number. Use the same PIN for each registration.

If you are not at home when the VINE system calls with a notification, the service will leave a message and call back within two hours. You may call the Arkansas VINE System as often as you want from any touch-tone telephone to check on an offender's custody and court status.

Legislature Authority
In 1997 the Arkansas Legislature passed Act 1250 which authorized the development of an automated victim information and notification system. This responsibility was placed on the Arkansas Crime Information Center (ACIC). The legislature also passed a "crime victims rights" law which mandated that victims of crime be notified of certain events pertaining to an offender.

"Arkansas was the first state in the nation to implement an automated victiim notification system."
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