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Since we have no shortage of clients, we can always use another set of hands to help keep things running smoothly. There are a number of volunteer positions listed below.

If there’s a position at Safe Places you’d like to fill, download the volunteer application form at the link below, complete it and return the form to our office. 

We’ll get back to you as soon as possible because we are excited to have you as a volunteer helping us help those who most need our help in the community.

Violence Prevention Educator
Spend some time with children at daycare centers, Boys and Girls Clubs and after-school and summer programs. While you’re doing that, you’ll be teaching them about being safe in a violent world. This position includes presenting a one-day-a-week program for children exposed to violence for eight weeks. Sessions last from 30 minutes to an hour, depending on the age of the children. You may choose to work with preschoolers, school-age children or teens, and when you finish one eight-week program with a group of children, you may do another eight weeks with another group in another location.

A half-day training must be completed before you start your program. All programs are written and easy to follow – we provide the program, you provide the love and the time to reach these at-risk children.

Office Greeter
We need friendly faces and chipper voices to answer phones, schedule appointments and work with families when they come to Safe Places. All you need is a brief orientation on our procedures and protocol. You’ll be a great help during our staff meetings, vacations and sick days.

Event Host
If you like fundraisers, you’ll be perfect for this volunteer position. When we have a public relations/fundraising event, you will help with decorations, food, organizing, helping set up and take down the event and many other jobs. You may also promote the event in the community, get donated items for auctions or solicit corporate sponsors for the event.

Victim Advocate
Are you the kind of person who can take a journey toward healing with a person who has been deeply violated? Can you provide hope after an individual’s life has been rearranged, have a listening heart or lift hope up on high so people in despair can see it? If so, this is the position in which you can best serve. Victim advocates work with adult victims of sexual abuse, family violence and other forms of violence, though you may sometimes work with an adult survivor of child abuse. Your work might include providing victims with resource reading, getting them to a support group, listening to their story, making phone contact or accompanying them to court.

Support Group Facilitator
Of all the services we offer at Safe Places, support groups may be the most empowering. A support group facilitator has the unique opportunity of being with a group for 12 weeks, and in that time, seeing the light of hope turn on in someone’s dark spirit. You will have the sacred privilege of hearing stories from the depths of an individual’s heart – those who have survived sexual abuse, family violence, the murder of a child or any number of tragedies. This job requires strength of heart, gentleness of spirit and sometimes the ability to tell the truth even if it hurts. If you want to be in the place where hope is born and healing begins, consider being a support group facilitator. Support groups can be held at Safe Places, at an apartment clubhouse, at a church or synagogue – just about anywhere.

This position requires a full day of training, including pre-reading and three support group observations.

Viictim Advocate Working with Latinos/as
Whether you want to lead a support group, make follow-up phone calls to clients, accompany a client to court, answer our crisis line or just offer a listening ear, we need you. This position requires training from a full day to a half day depending on the position you want to fill and fluency in Spanish.

Speaker's Bureau
We know that some people were born to be toastmasters. If that’s you, we’d love to have you as a community ambassador talking about our work at civic organizations, faith communities, corporations – anywhere we might find people to support our mission and vision.

Faith Community Liaison
Faith communities most often believe deeply in hope, healing, grace, second chances and new beginnings – exactly what our clients so desperately need. Our volunteer faith community liaison has the unique opportunity to work with faith communities and clergy to increase their capacity to serve victims of violence and engage in violence-prevention initiatives. This volunteer will work on an Interfaith Alliance Against Violence Newsletter (IAAV) and organize training projects for clergy and faith community leaders. If you can communicate effectively with clergy and faith community leaders, we need your help building the IAAV.

Housekeeping Helper
Like many nonprofit organizations, we cannot pay for cleaning services, but our clients deserve a clean facility. More importantly, we host children’s groups, and children often sit on or toddle around on the floor. Our quarters need to stay sanitary so the children won’t share germs. If you are a great housekeeper, we need you once a week to keep Safe Places safe and clean.

Mentor or Mentor Family
Many children in our community could really use an adult mentor that would commit to being present in the child's life. And many families need the extra support a caring mentor family can provide. This is a rewarding position that can create positive change in many lives.

Safe Places SafeLine Counselor
Can you offer hope on our Safe Places SafeLine providing crisis intervention to child and adult victims of human trafficking, sexual violence family violence and child abuse? We need you.

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