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The Mission of our Children’s Program is to create a world where children are safe and protected . . .
to create a nonviolent world, one child at a time.

Sometimes, we really can't protect those who need protection the most. But when we can't, we will still be there for support, walking beside them until they feel they can make it on their own. Safe Places is all about safe places, and we want to help.

Our Staff understands that there are thousands of children in our community who need healing and hope –

Children whose worlds have been shattered by violence,

Children who feel anger, rage and desperation,

Children who have acted violently and have hurt themselves and other people,

Children who have been abused by the very people who should love them the most.

Our Children's Programs serve children exposed to violence every week at various locations in the community. Weekly violence prevention education groups for children age 4-18 feature topics such as bullying, dating violence, violence at home, sexual abuse, and transforming anger.

Through violence prevention activities, educational and peer support groups, individual and family mentoring, non-offending family support, our Safe Child First Supervised Visitation Program, crisis intervention and trauma-focused counseling, we help children find safe spaces to live and grow.

We know that sometimes the world feels like a scary place, especially to a child or young person who has been harmed by violence or abuse. But we help change that scary place into a safe place for every child.

We serve children and families throughout Arkansas.

Safe Places is a non-profit organization working to help children and families throughout Arkansas.  Ninety-nine percent of our services are free of charge to victims of sexual assault, family violence, child abuse, human trafficking and other forms of violence.

Safe Places Children's Programs
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"Safe Places gave my daughter a voice. Her mother and I are grateful beyond words. While there is much work and healing left, we have so much hope."                                                                   - A Parent's Comment
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